“The Only Hope” Community Revival

Are you worried about the direction our nation is heading? Is there any hope for America? Any hope for the world?

We are very excited about the upcoming Community Revival that Rose Hill Baptist and Ringel Heights Baptist will be hosting next week. Dr. Don Hattaway of Cartersville, GA will be our guest preacher and the theme of the revival is “The Only Hope.” Dr. Hattaway will be preaching about how the only hope for our community, nation, and world is the gospel message of Jesus, and how Christ followers must realize the urgency of needing to share this message with others.

Here are the dates and times of the revival services:

Sept. 18-19, 7pm nightly, @ Rose Hill Baptist
Sept. 20-21, 7pm nightly, @ Ringel Heights Baptist

To read Dr. Hattaway’s bio, click here: http://tabernaclebaptist.org/about-us/our-pastor/

Come join us for four amazing nights of worship and preaching!